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Marty, a Plant and Soil Sciences BS holder from Oklahoma State University, was recognized by Oklahoma State University as 2015 Master Agronomist of the year. His ambition and love for agriculture keeps him striving to better the agriculture industry both locally and nationally.

Crystal, his wife of 16 years, co-manages their operation. She enjoys sharing their equally fun and challenging farm life on the Frontier Farm Girl blog and Frontier Farm Living YouTube channel when she’s not in the field, feeding cattle, harvesting crops, or playing baseball with the kids.

Quality, conservation, character, relationships, and integrity are goals this family strives for on Frontier Farms. We work 365 days a year, as stewards of the land God has temporarily placed in our care, for future generations. We aim each year to adapt to the ever-changing climate of modern agriculture so there will continue to be farming on the FRONTIER!

Our Operation

Every season brings many tasks that must be accomplished and endured simultaneously. Aside from Marty and Crystal, Frontier Farms is blessed with one full-time employee and seasonal part time help who keep the gears of this diverse operation going. This is a farm AND ranch, meaning it is a full-time job to get the crops planted, sprayed, and harvested.... all while managing and feeding cattle, working on fence, and performing the never ending mechanic work on equipment. We are also expanding deer, duck and feral hog hunting, providing great leasing opportunities for these species through Frontier Outdoors.

Summertime for Frontier Farms begins with servicing combines and preparing family and employees for long harvest hours. We harvest, truck, and bin wheat, barley, and canola.   Sometimes the planter is chasing the combine to plant the next round of crops, which are determined by many changing factors. Along with harvest, we keep cattle watered, stockers fed, and overall "radiator cowboy" duties going.

Fall not only whispers in the cooler temps, but also the season of milo and corn harvests. Hay is moved and stacked, show cattle are fed and worked for the fair, and fall sports keep us going from sun-up to sun-down.

Winter for Oklahoma farmers does not bring hibernation with the early sunsets... it can bring straight line chilling wind that would throw even Mary Poppins for a loop if she tried to help close the gates. Cattle from one side of the county to the other are being fed daily. Ice is being broken or water is being hauled, all depending on the rainfall situation.

Every change in season is welcomed but especially spring! It gives us hope in each new sprout of green and newly born calf that pops up from the prairie. This is spray season, to keep the weeds from over-taking the lush new growth of crops. Cattle are being weaned, and pastures rotated.


Frontier farms is proud to incorporate all aspects of our farm into raising the highest quality Frontier Beef. From the environmentally friendly cropping practices used to the way we handle our livestock, we pour our love of the land and animals into each ounce of Frontier Beef.

  • We are an Oklahoma Farm-ily raising quality crops, beef, and kids.
  • All cattle are finished for 90+ days on our corn, barley, oats, and locally sourced alfalfa and soybean hulls to enhance marbling and savory flavor.
  • Each beef is dry aged no less than 14 days for enhanced flavor and taste.
  • Frontier Farms values safe and ethical animal husbandry practices for raising choice beef start to finish.
  • Frontier farm beef never leaves the farm, from start to finish.
  • No added growth hormones and antibiotic free.
  • Our goal is to provide the highest quality beef from our farm to your table.


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